BIO INX and Rousselot collaborate on materials for 3D Bioprinting

March 13, 2024

SBMC Member BIO INX and Rousselot have formalized a strategic partnership, aiming to accelerate the adoption of 3D bioprinting in clinical settings. Under this agreement, BIO INX will distribute Rousselot’s X-Pure® gelatin biomaterials, enhancing the material portfolio available to researchers and professionals worldwide. A key innovation arising from this partnership is the development of the X-Pure version of GEL-MA INX© bioink, advancing towards GMP-like quality standards and enabling more efficient bioprinting of constructs with living cells.

“This collaboration represents the culmination of years of shared vision and innovation between BIO INX and Rousselot to increase standardization and quality in biomaterials for tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting”, commented Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX. “By integrating Rousselot’s X-Pure gelatin biomaterials into our portfolio and introducing a GMP-like bioink, we are not only advancing the capabilities of 3D bioprinting but also building further on our roots and the groundbreaking work of the research group at Ghent University prior to incorporation.”

Tanja Vervust, Global Director at Rousselot Biomedical: “Collaborating with BIO INX to offer online-purchasing streamlines the ordering process and provides efficient delivery of high-quality gelatins necessary for tissue engineering and biofabrication projects. Rousselot’s research-grade X-Pure gelatins are functionally equivalent to GMP-grade gelatins and help to reduce development variability and facilitate the transition to clinical applications.”

The alliance not only signifies a technical collaboration but also represents a forward-looking approach to fulfilling the evolving needs of the healthcare industry through 3D bioprinting. For further details on the X-Pure gelatin materials and GEL-MA INX bioink, visit BIO INX’s website.

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