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Reduce your capital expenses with flexible rental agreements

At SBMC, we understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in your research and development endeavors. That’s why we offer flexible lab space and state-of-the-art equipment for rent, supported by our dedicated staff. With our rental solutions, you can fully dedicate your time and effort to advancing your research projects without the burden of heavy capital investments.

Explore the wide range of lab rental categories and equipment available at SBMC’s shared lab facility.

Cell Biology Lab

The ML-II cell laboratory at SBMC is fully equipped for a wide variety of cell-work, cellular assays and to study cell-biomaterial interactions. Basic equipment includes laminar air flow cabinets, automated cell counter, brightfield microscope, Andrew+ pipetting robot, incubators, temperature-controlled centrifuge, -80 °C and liquid nitrogen cell storage. Additionally, the following stand-alone specialized equipment is available for rent:

For more information on available equipment and rental possibilities please get in touch with us!

Biomaterial Lab

SBMC’s biomaterials laboratory offers you a general laboratory for biomaterial development and analysis. The laboratory features basic equipment including fume hoods equipped with nitrogen, argon, and compressed air, (micro)scales, a vacuum oven, sonication bath, and a high-performance pilot freeze-dryer. Additionally, the following stand-alone specialized equipment is available for rent:

In addition to our rental offerings, our professional staff is available for hybrid contract R&D, providing collaborative support to help you achieve your research and development goals. Whether you require rental equipment, lab space or expert assistance, SBMC meets your needs and drives your project forward.

Contact us today to learn more about our flexible lab and equipment rental solutions and discover how SBMC can support your research and development endeavors.


Leica Stellaris 5

Unlock the potential of high-precision 3D imaging with the Leica Stellaris 5 confocal laser scanning microscope, now available for rent at SBMC’s cell laboratory. This advanced microscopy system enables fluorescence imaging of intricate 3D samples with a wide array of fluorophores, offering unparalleled insights into cellular structures and dynamics.

More info Leica Stellaris 5

Leica Thunder Live

Experience high-throughput imaging with exceptional clarity and precision using the Leica Thunder Live Cell inverted epifluorescence microscope, available for rent at SBMC. This advanced imaging system allows you to capture live cell samples with reduced out-of-focus blur in real-time, providing invaluable insights into dynamic cellular processes.

More Info Leica Thunder Live

Tecan Spark Cyto 400

Unlock a wealth of analysis methods and capabilities with the Tecan Spark Cyto 400 multimode reader, available for rent at SBMC. This versatile instrument is designed for multimode reading of various assays and high-throughput cytometry of cells cultured in multiwell plates, empowering researchers with comprehensive analysis solutions.

More Info Tecan Spark Cyto 400

Vivolta EC-CLI

Explore the possibilities of electrospinning with the Vivolta EC-CLI electrospinner, available for rent at SBMC’s laboratory. Supported by Vivolta as a partner, our facility offers an environmentally controlled environment for electrospinning experiments, ensuring precise control over key parameters.

More Info Vivolta EC-CLI

Phenom G2 XL Sem

Unlock the power of high-resolution imaging and advanced analysis with the Phenom G2 XL desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), available for rent at SBMC’s laboratory. This powerful imaging tool is designed to visualize the microscopic structure of materials with exceptional detail, catering to a wide range of applications across various industries and research fields.

More Info Phenom G2 XL Sem

Andrew+ pipetting robot

Andrew+, the cutting-edge pipetting robot revolutionizing liquid handling in laboratories. With its integration with Device+ and seamless compatibility with OneLab, Andrew+ offers a complete walk-away automation solution. Experience unparalleled reproducibility and traceability in sample preparation through the intuitive browser-based software environment.

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